(Re)create balance by listening to the wisdom of your body

What is the problem?

One of our main motivations drives is to create harmony in our lives. We do feel when we are out of balance. Being in balance might go unnoticed because it is our natural state of being. In turn, we easily recognize when we are out of balance.

However, it is possible to get used to living in disharmony. Our brain is wired to ensure our survival, this is its top priority. Often, when we are aware – either consciously or unconsciously – that we are not living our ideal state of being, for a while, we keep trying and trying to change it – and it does not bring the result we long for. In this situation, we tend to accept what is and we give up on our desire for a better way of living. It is easier for our brain to cope with a known situation – even if we don’t like it – than to move out of our comfort zone to the unknown.


However, on the subconscious level, being out of balance creates a constant stress in our bodies. Stress will turn on the “survival program” in our brains. This program in a nutshell consists of keeping us in a situation we know – even if consicously we do no longer wish to stay in there.

Try to understand your brain. It functions based on one single priority: to ensure your safety. If something is percieved as safe by your brain, it will let it into your life. If it is percieved as dangerous, your brain will create stress to “save us” from something “bad”. Stress can actually block our abiltiy to see clearly in a given situation, and by turning on the robot pilot mode of functioning, we do no longer think, we just keep on repeating – automatically – the same old behaviour, the way we always have been. It is crucial for you to understand this: from the perspective of your brain, only those behaviours and choices are considered safe that we have been practicing long enough so that can do them without thinking and thus without making a real choice.

If one day, you consicously decide to change something in your life, you have to first deactivate the acutally running mechanism, and build up a new one. How can you do it? By making it clear for my brain that the new way is indeed safe – despite that fact that is new, and thus, unknown.

Anything new will necessarily turn on the alert in our brains. It will keep on checking whether this new thing means any danger to our survival or not. In practical terms, it means that we experience stress every time we set ourselves to change something. It might go unnoticed for a while. The enthousiasm of the new intention can create a powerful dynamic that can escape the guarding of the brain. However, it can easily happen that within a few days or weeks of time – when our willpower and enthousiasm faded – our nervous system will guide us back to practicing the well-known old patterns.

I have been talking a lot about the brain, and everything I said might give you the impression that the brain is the source of all “evil” because of it being so “rigid” and “protective”.

In reality, however, our fears that function like this do protect us from lots of real danger.

So what is the solution?

How can we neutralize stress reaction? How can we make our brains understand that there is no real danger?

The answer lies within our bodies. Kinesiology has developped simple and efficient tools to turn off the “false alarm” and release stress.

As a result of releasing stress, we become again able to see our situation clearly and we regain our ability to make a conscious choice on how we would like to act in a given situation.

This is why it is essential to learn techniques that can help us to recreate physical and emotional balance. The good news is that we do not have to build it up from scratch, because we all have it built in ourselves. Just like you have to clean your house to feel good in it, and we have to air the rooms regularly, we have to clear the tensions from our bodies that normally build up from time to time during the normal course of life.

Of course each and every house needs a more thorough cleaning from time to time, but it does make a huge difference whether we do regular weekly cleaning-ups or we wait till Christmas to do a big clean-up trying to do everything at once in a rush.

So what can you learn in this training?

  • You will understand how your brain and nervous system functions and what is happening under stress. (This will definetly motivate you to wanting to learn how release it from your system.)
  • You will learn how your body signals when it is under stress,
    and how it signals when you are in a balanced state of being or you are on the way to get there.
  • You can learn some excersices that can easily be practiced anytime, anywere, and which can almost immediately turn off the stress reaction in your brain.
  • As a result, you will experience your inner power again, and the relief of knowing that there is a real possibility to change.

This is for you…

  • If you are willing to assume the responsibility of taking your decisions,
  • If you would like to change, but you don’t know how to get started,
  • If you feel like you are just not getting anywhere,
  • If you often feel anxious.

This is not for you…

  • If you want a quick-fix to your life,
  • If you think that others should change so that you could start feeling any better.