Navigate change with ease

5 steps to (re)create balance in your life

What is the problem?

The process of changing remains constant. The change is life itself.

Meanwhile, in everyone’s life there are periods or moments in that we are aware of it, in that we live this change consciously. Sometimes it seems that the change has tore in our life from a moment to another and sometimes we live it consciously as a process.

Explosive changes and crisis, quality leaps seem to happen all of a sudden. Just like a well-spring: we see it streaming forth at one spot, but underneath, water has been gathering from various tiny streams.

The inner happenings become visible when the situation is ripe for it. A conflict always burst out if we are ready to transform it into a progressive possibility. We might finally choose not to take the leap, maybe we give in to fear but it is good to know that conflicts are a call from life to move on and an invitation to change something for the better.

The question may arise: wouldn’t it be better if we could realize these inner processes before the outer manifestation of them and thus prepare ourselves to what is being formed?

What is hidden in soul and what can come up to the conscious surface is a mystery. One thing is sure: if we do not listen to our inner voice, we won’t have the chance to bring it up to the surface. If we do not want to contact our inner world we will still face a lot of surprises.

Understanding the inner process of change is useful not because we could avoid surprises. Nor would we be able to predict what the future holds. It does, however provide us with a handhold in an unknown field, points of references that can reassure us that we are on the right path. Our inner voice can also whisper us to pay attention to ceratin things we might have scipped otherwise.

So what is really wrong with not paying attention inside and no to live change from the inside towards the outside?

Listening inside starts with being honest to myself. Without this no true connection is possible: If I cannot bear what I feel, if I cannot accept my inner changes, my natural human reaction will be to flight. Meaning to supress whatever I feel because it would be too much, simply overwhelming. It is just like hanging up the phone or sliming the door at someone saying something we don’t like to hear. Then we run away, and – without the presence of the disturbing voice – we create ourselves a perfect explanation of how and why the heard allegation is not true and not relevant. We make up our mind not to talk to this voice anymore as we do not wish to hear so much nonsense in our life.

This is a possible way. It is possible to oppress the conflicting inner voice – for a while.

After a while, however, we might realize – sometimes in a painful way – that in certain areas in our lives, we keep running around in circles. We might even consider the idea of paying attention to that inner voice, which is still waiting around to be listened.

Understanding the inner procedure of change and being able to listen inside does not guarantee that we will never have to experience painful change again.

But by listening inside, we take the responsibility to do what we can in a given situation.

This way, we can step out of the victim role, which is so easy to slip into by searching for outer confirmations, points of reference and affirmations.

Pain has also a completely different quality in the role of a victim or in the case where I am aware: I was the one who has chosen this way.

What is the solution?

The process of change can be divided into 5 steps. If we learn to identify them then we will be able to understand ourselves and others better. We can see whether we are only at the beginning or already in the middle of our journey.

Naturally, we may be in different phases in the different areas of our lives.

There might be an area where we have just made up our minds to make a change because the current situation is not good enough anymore. There may be a field where we have already – either consciously or in an unconscious way – started a change and the very intense inner work is happening right now.

And there are areas of life where we have already experienced that there is a way out, and that it is worth to do the inner work – no matter how much energy it takes – because life rewards us for it.

What happens in this training?

On this training:

  • you get to understand the 5 steps of the process of change
  • we take a closer look at each step: What to do in this phase? How can you help the process?
  • you get a supporting exercise to each step so that you can go through it in a more harmonious state of mind.
  • you will recevie a notebook helping you to thinki through certain areas of your life in order for you to be able to integrate the information right away.
  • you get connected to your own inner GPS that gives you exact direction every time you have to make a decision.

This is for you ….

  • If you wish to live changes of live in a more conscious way.
  • If you wish to speed up the process of change with an inner catalyst.
  • If you want to boots your courage.
  • If you work in the field of change managment.