Ever learning – ever evolving

Boosting learning capacities for adults

The correlation between moving and learning has long been proven.

We are born with the ability to learn: in his/her first 3-5 years, a child learns how to coordinate his/her body, learns how to interpret about 100 different facial expressions, and picks up about 300 words. Meanwhile a healthy child never stops moving. How many toddlers have you seen sitting around for hours? They are constantly moving, and this constant move makes it possible for them to acquire so much.

Also as an adult, we regularly face unknown situations, and the process of getting to know something is indeed learning.

It can be argued that any techniques boosting our abilities to read, understand and interpret a text, and write or express ourselves can be very useful for an adult as well. Not to mention the very important exercises to help us concentrate better.

In addition to that, releasing stress and creating inner peace is of utmost importance in any given situation.