Creative me

How to access your hidden abilities?

Do you struggle to be as creative as expected during the 20 minutes obligatory office-brainstorming? Has it ever happened to you that you have found the answer to a question in a moment when you didn’t even think of it?

Did you know that at high positions creativity is tested and if you don’t meet the expectations, you are ploughed.

Have you ever think of yourself that ‘you are just not the creative type of person’ and you will not ever be one? What would you say if I told you that there is a possibility to easily activate your creative energies?

What is the problem?


When they hear the word “creativity” most people think of Picasso or of other fine artists who draw, paint, build or do something crazy that is surely not useful. Many tend to think about creativity as a luxury skill: it can result in a luxury item that we can see and take pleasure in it, but it serves no “serious” purpose.

So, creativity is neither useful, nor important. ‘That’s a different world’ – many people think.

You were made to beleive that creativity is the privilege of ‘creative people’. There are “they” and “we”. The world of creative people is a different world. You have to be born there.

What would happen if you could boost your creativity?

Creativity is a basic human feature. There are people who can reach it easily and can live with it freely, there are others who hardly use it. And finally there are those who learn how to activate the creative capacity of their brain.

What will you learn in this training?

  • Creativity as a human talent
  • If it is a talent, what can block its functionning?
  • How can we release this block and activate our capacities?