Burnout prevention – the other way

So what’s the issue?

By buliding up resilience, we give up part of our creativity.

“No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it.” (Albert Einstein)

Instead of changing the mental and behavioral patterns leading to burnout, we are strenghtening our stress resilience. Conscious companies appreciating their employees are offering them such trainings – with the best intentions – to prevent burnout.

Building up resilience to stress might seem like a good idea, but there is a catch: we are trying to strengthen resilience on the same mental level where burnout attacks. We take considerable mental efforts to fight stress, to supress stress, and this in turn will partly limit our creativity. By blocking partly our creativity, our problem solving capacity will decline generating new tensions in the person and possible dismay at work.

Resilience, protection and self-discipline represent a rather static type of attitude. In order to activate the creative flow and thus to become more efficient, we have to step into another level of consciousness.

What is the solution? Bridges instead of resilience.

Resilience is the tool of our logical, rational left hemisphere. But where does the power of creativity hide within us? It is the domain of the right hemisphere, where in turn, the rational “forcing” does not function.

It is not only our thoughts that have an effect on our bodies. Our body is capable of sending messages to the brain that leads to a shift in our mental state of being by connecting and boosting the connection between the two hemispheres. This is the way to create long-lasting change and prevent burnout.

So the solution is to activate the bridges between the right and left hemispheres, and between the body and the mind.