• “I was struggling with multiple ‘mental disorders’. The first was anorexia, a second was a sporting obsession and a third was binge eating. The combination of these three made it hard for me to see a way out and made me very unhappy most of the time, as it made my life one of ‘conditions’. I could not do anything ‘fun’ UNLESS I had first done something I had to do (according to myself). I lived my life in extremes.

    As a result of working with Ágnes, I succeeded in letting go of my own rules and conditions more and more over time, and I learned to take the time to do mediations, which helped me to relativize things and build up confidence for myself.

    I am more confident now and freer. It has become clear to me that it is not impossible to live a life without addictions and obsession and that I am not inextricably linked to an obsession for the rest of my life.

    It was a very good experience. Ágnes gave me hope and faith. After having been to psychiatrists and psychologists, I didn’t think I would ever get out of this misery I had put myself in, that I would never be able to let go and get my life on track and that I would always have an unhealthy relationship with food and my weight. She made it clear to made that I can break free from this, that there is a way out and that the only person who can save me, is myself and not the people surrounding me.

    She showed me that I can, if I am willing to see it, work on it and listen to my body every step of the way. She took quite some bricks from my shoulders, or as she would probably prefer me to say: she helped me in taking quite some bricks from my shoulders.”

    Gwendolyn Vierhout
  • I came to Ágnes because I was going through a marriage crisis which ended with divorce. I had to lost my confidence and needed strength to get back on my feet. She was very responsive, friendly and professional. As soon as we started our first sessions I felt at ease with her.

    She gave me ample explanation about the techniques she employs and the realistic results,which is of paramount importance when getting professional help in times of crisis. She helped me overcome my fears and find inner peace. I am very grateful for her boundless dedication and concern with my problems. She was like family to me throughout the whole therapy. I will always be happy to recommend her or use her services again if in need.

    Yuliyana G.
  • I have been doing sessions with Agnes since couple of months and I couldn’t have guessed the tremendous life changing benefits of this therapy.

    She helped me to find out very deep blockages in me that I was not aware at all and helped me to fix them with various efficient methods. She is a very caring, loving and dedicated guide; and very competent in her area. Before her, I had tried several other therapies that deals with problems either at conscious or subconscious levels, but what makes this therapy more efficient is to include actively the biggest bearer/victim of the emotional and psychological blockages: your body.

    Communicating with the body is the key to see what you cannot see and to ascertain what is the root cause of your problems. You can definitely trust Agnes to help you communicating with your body. It is an amazing and very enlightening journey to yourself and I am more than glad to have set off this journey with her 🙂

    Aydan Bahadir
  • How was working with Agnes? In one world: marvelous! I was hesitating for about a year to start the kinesiology with her, and finally at the end of September in 2015, I decided to give it a try.
    The method astonished me right at the first occasion. Agnes felt perfectly my vibration and she interpreted the signals of my body and my thoughts so precisely, that we could use the most suitable technic at each occasion to each problem.

    In comparison to psychoterapy, I believe there are four big differences:

    • I have never left her consultation with a bad feeling. She has always helped easing my frustration and stress with very efficient and quick technics, even if we came back to the same topic at a deeper level a few weeks later.
    • I was vigilant and open, and I learned great technics, that can be used any time when I want to calm myself in any circumstances. I learned to swiftly manage my “self – created panic” due to the control over my thoughts and my body.
    • I gradually regained confidence after each consultation partly because of the “homeworks” that I considered as small challenges of which I was afraid to conquer for years.
    • It does not last for years, the result is quick and obvious.

    I trust myself, I hear and interpret the signs of my body, and I do know that I am going to the right direction on all fields of my life: as a WOMAN, WIFE, MOTHER and PROFESSIONAL. I still keep realising how wonderful it is to live without tons of burdens, and to focus my energy and priorities.

    In concrete terms: I dared to change work, therefore found my way to prospering, I am in love with my husband as 14 years ago when we met, I dare to speak about taboos like pain, death, sex, drogs with my kids, and I understood my relationship with my parents.

    Thank you very much for guiding me!

  • Let’s put the records straight: since the moment I met Agnes, it’s been very clear to me that she was one of the two “reasons” why I happened to move to and live in Brussels for 2 years: I “had” to meet her and do the work we have done together.

    As I write, I am not in Brussels anymore: the work we have done with Agnes created my new, Happier, Fuller life.
    I still remember the Sunday winter evening I found her website and reached out to Agnes to ask for an appointment.

    Little or nothing I knew about kinesiology, but I knew I wanted help to move on with my life: after a lifetime of eating disorders, I was in the process of recovering, but feeling basically hate everything inside me and in my life was.. stuck. I had undergone many different types of therapies throughout my life, most of them with good results and progresses – but I knew I was looking for “something else”, something which was immediate, able to connect my body with my mind & soul, instinctive, and that didn’t require head scratching, heavy self-reflections or even talking. I had done a lot of it and what I needed then was something “different”.

    Agnes replied to my message in a matter of minutes and few days after I was at her studio, feeling there was no other place I would rather be at the time. Agnes introduced me to kinesiology in the most reassuring, informative and exciting way, and by the end of our first session together I was totally into it. And thus, we spent the following months working on (with) my body, mind and soul.

    Every session was a complete different experience and a new discovery. Agnes accompanied me on a trip which brought me to experience my body as I had never happened to do before, reaching negative memories or emotions I wasn’t even aware I had stocked in my body, walking me through places of me I had locked and didn’t remember they existed anymore. All done with her gracious smile, reassuring voice, professional knowledge and joyful attitude.

    As our work together progressed, I felt initial changes happening, almost unnoticeable initially, and as I was changing, a lot around me changed as well: everything was “moving”, nothing was “stuck” anymore.

    By then, winter was over and springtime knocked to my door: I turned 40 feeling I was blossoming. We departed for the summer break, and that’s when everything else happened: that’s when the Universe showed me off the miracles of a lifetime. Not everything happened free of cost though: physically I had to still undergo a dramatic breakdown, which led me to the new me of today.

    By the time I had my 6th session with Agnes, everything in my life had changed and I was making important decisions on my present and future, both on a personal and professional level, with a calm and confidence I had never experienced before: I knew what I wanted, it was all so very clear to me.

    The whole scale of my priorities had changed: I was at the centre of my care and priorities, and the rest around me was blossoming around it.

    Meeting Agnes and going through the kinesiology experience with her was one of the most important gifts I ever made to myself. Agnes is an exceptionally talented professional and a very generous human being who loves her work and put such an honest passion into it which is inspiring and reassuring.

    Her smile, graciousness and amazing capacity of empathy are very rare, hearth-warming gifts that I will be forever grateful for.

    Miracles happen: Agnes showed me how they do.

    Tanja B.