Silver ring or the imprint of my life

My friend Luca arrived with a bright smile on her face. The teahouse where we usually meet is warm and friendly as always. I was already sitting at my table, pondering which tea speciality I should choose that time. Luca lumped beside me and caught my hand lying on the table. ‘Oh how beautiful!’ – she said while looking at my ring: a simple, broad silver ring without any decoration. ‘What a special pattern it has!’ I was surpirsed: What pattern is she talking about? I looked at my ring and I understood what she meant.

Silver is a softer metal, so any slosh, scratch, dent, tat can easily leave a print on it. ‘This is not a pattern. This is my life’ – I answered. When I bought it in Salzburg as a university student, it was a simple ring, with a smooth and shiny surface. It was a gift for myself after a successful language-exam at the end of a summer course. I really like it, so I’ve been wearing it often. And the years have passed.

I was wearing it in summer and winter, with and without gloves, at home and while travelling. I couldn’t help hitting it agaings the wall, door, table. With each handshake, the ring was pressed by my fingers, it was warmed up by the summer, and it got wet by the rain. These invisible tiny impacts all created imprints in the silver. Its glimmering transformed: it is not the sparkle of a smooth glass surface. Today it is more refined, more characteristic – because of all those impacts, scratches and effects.

This ring is just like me. All experiences of my life – some of them very painful – left an imprint in my soul, so the surface is no longer perfectly smooth. And this is alright so.

I am sure that there are some scratches, cold and hot, and many other impacts in your life as well. It is important to appreciate the beauty of the design and to discover again and again the beautiful motives of your personal, unique, unrepeatable life.