Shopping – good feeling – permanency

In the most chick shops there are no price tags on the clothes, bags and shoes. If you really like some of the pieces, you should come inside – goes the underlying message. Obviously, there will be less people entering there than in another shop with “SALE” sign painted on the window with orange color. In fact, those who really go in, are really interested in what they like.

Entering the store the visitor does not get lost in the crowd: there will be special attention surrounding her/him aiming at finding out her/his wish and need. When trying on those shoes, it might turn out that the heels are too high, the width is too narrow, or the toe is too much pointed.

The shop assistant is well-prepared though. She knows the different types and kindly suggests us to try on another one that might fit us better. As the conversationg and the Throuout the conversation and the fitting-on goes on (all the shoes are temptingly beautiful of course) the feeling becomes the stronger and stronger: I need this. The price? Luckily we are sitting when we hear it, so the shaking of the knees goes unnoticed.

All in all, we decide wheter to buy or not to buy that piece based on our emotions. What we desire is not one pair of shoes – we could buy it at tenth-price.

No. It goes about something else. Either the picture of a wonderful life associated to a brand will make us take a decision or the desire to feel unique would hustle us to buy those expensive shoes and live on yoghurt and apple for weeks afterwards.

When we are working with kinesiology you can experience your uniqueness on yourself. The muscle test provides you with answers emanating from you. Both the answer and the question lies within you.

What’s more, in contrary to the shoes that will get destroyed after a while, the changes arising from releasing emotional stress with kinesiology will stay with you forever, strenghtening you throughout your life.

What change do you desire? What would make you feel special? Knowing that you are special: how could you tap into this feeling? Do you know the answer? Can you guess?