How do I know which method suits me best?

How do I know which method suits me best?

How do you know which food you like most? You taste it.

How do you know which method works best for you? You try them.

I personally do not believe that there is only one method that does the miracle for everyone. There are several great techniqes, methodes and approaches that can take me closer to my goals, and each of them can be a step in my journey of personal development. It might be that there is one period in my life when I choose to do only EFT, and then I will switch to kinesiology, and it is all right to do so. Methods are helping tools, they are not the solution themselves alone.

Imagine a circle with a center point in the middle: you can get to that central point from various directions. These represent the different methods. There might be ones that are more effective than others, there might be ones that work better for me than for you, there might be ones working on the level of the body first and then you realize important changes in your emotional state of being as well, and there are ones who start the work from the mental approach. The number of variations is endless. You have to listen to yourself to feel what works best for you.

The most important thing is to keep moving towards your vision, towards your goal.

I enjoy very much appyling the various methods in my profession. This complex approach allows me to help people getting results in an efficient way. Results are very important because they give energy to take you further.

I use the word “work” consciously. Working in personal development means that you turn your focus on a subject, thus you put energy in it and then this energy returns to you in the form of results.

Working is the process of planting a seed and then taking care of it. Working is the loving attention that you turn towards the little “flower-to-become”. Why have I planted the seed? Because I want something to grow out of that seed. So metaphorically speaking, my goal is the flower. In order for the flower to bloom, I first have to plant the seed, water it regularly, take care of it. If I plant a fruit tree because I want to have the delicous fruits it will bring, I will not expect the tree to be loaded by fruits on the next day. I take care good care of it knowing that a fruit tree cannot do but grow fruits – if it is in good care. I don’t ask the tree why it hasn’t grown any fruits yet before it is ready to do so. Meanwhile, I enjoy having a fruit tree that I can take care of, that I can look at. I enjoy having a flower slowly growing. This is the process of inner growth, of personal development.

If my flower blooms a new little bud, I rejoyce in it and I appreciate its beauty. We have to learn to discover and appreciate our own little successes. If I did not go close to my flower, I might not be able to see the new little bud from the other corner of the room. But if I turn my attention there, then I am gifted by seeing its ever-changing beauty day after day. If I don’t compare this flower to the other flowers in the room, then I can live and enjoy the miracle of growing each and every day.