Kinesiology or EFT?

So now which one is better: kinesiology or EFT?

Both kinesiology and EFT aim at clearing out emotional blocks. It is not a “one size fits all” approach: they allow you to change in a direction you would like to change.

What are the similarities?

  • They both release stress and thus they give you back your freedom to make a new choice (which you are unable to do under stress). As a result of releasing stress, you do no longer react in an autopilot mode, but you have the choice to get out of the tredmill.
  • Both kinesiology and EFT are based on fundamental respect for the individual. You are the only one knowing the answers to the questions in your life
  • Both of these methods are applied in a frame of a cooperation between the therapist and the client. The guideline through the process of change is how you feel and how you experience certain situations. There is no such thing as objective stress, there is nothing you should live in a certain way. You are entitled to have and experience any emotions, there is no judgment.
  • Both EFT and kinesiolgy work on the triangle of body-spirit and mind at the same time. This allows us to create long-lasting resulsts.
  • Both methods offer you the possibility to share as much with me as you wish to share, you don’t need to talk about everything in detail, you may even keep the whole story to yourself.

What is the difference


  • The basic tool of kinesiolgy is the muscle test, which requires personal presence of somebody who does the test (although self-testing can be learned with time), so it is mostly done in the frame of personal sessions.
  • We work with several muscles of the body in order to find out which meridian is blocked, and to which meridian the problem is linked.
  • The toolkit is more complex than in EFT, therefore you need to work with a therapist.
  • Takes more time to learn how it works.


  • It works very well via skype or telephone as well, offering the enormous advantage of flexibility in time and location.
  • In EFT, we don’t apply the muscletest.
  • The basic tools are very simple, you can easily apply it on yourself as well.

It is a method that is easy to learn and apply on oneself, but for long-lasting results and for more complex issues, an experienced therapist is strongly recommended.

Why? Usually we are unable to take a fresh look at our situation on our own. It is difficult to change our perception alone: a good therapist can help you in stepping out of your comfort zone in order to access and express your full potential.