Flower planting

In the end of the summer I planted flowers: I threw out the old and put fresh soil into the pots and I planted some plants into new pots. I divided some too volumious flowers and planted them apart in order that they have more space to grow. While I was working on this I was thinking that the poor little flower has no idea that what must be percieved (from the flower’s point of view) as something horrible, is happening for a good reason.

Although the plant can’t get any more nutrient from the old soil and it can’t grow and bigger in the old pot, if I was in the place of the flower, I am not quite sure I would enjoy the process of being taken out of my usual environment. Leaves cut, roots might be broken… laying bare on a floor with no idea why all this is happening…

We often live the changes in our lives this way. At first we get scared to see that some kind of outer force expands our well-known and cosy – although narrow – frames and we cannot see what is going to happen next.

The fall of he leaves made me think about the same thing. It is a pleasure for us to watch the leaves falling but if we were those leaves that have to leave that secure handhold and fall into the deep what would we feel? What would we pay attention to? Would we be able to trust life just like the leaf does when falling into the unknown?

Change often comes like this: something that we used to be sure about suddenly breaks up, and no matter how hard we try to fight it, we cannot seem to stop the process of change. We fall into the unknown full of fear, we close our eyes, and we might be longing back to the past for a while.

Why are we scared of change? Human brain is programmed to defend us from the unknown. The unknown is scary and may hide dangers.

Leaving our comfort zone is indeed uncomfortable and it is mostly accompanied by fear. If, however, we look at this fear merely as a sign of the border of our comfortzone, it can no longer hold us back from going ahead.

If we accept it that this feeling is nothing more than a sign that our brain sends us to alert: “Attention! Unknown area ahead!” , fear cannot become a wall stopping us from moving ahead.

If you wish to understand why you are not able to move forward in a given area of your life or why does a situation repeats itself again and again, the answer is not outside: it is inside of yourself.