Fire in the garage

As I was coming home one day and I opened the garage door I got lurched by some thick smoke coming from inside. Just in a moment, the garage was in flame. Although the problem became visible to me only in that very moment, the process leading to the fire must have been ongoing for hours by the – hidden behind the iron door and the thick walls. Even when everything was already covered by smoke inside, there was nothing to see from the outside.

But how is it possible that nobody noiced anything?

Burnout starts just the same way in our lives: hidden from view. But the biggest problem is not the fact that people around us don’t notice what is going on: the problem is that we hide it from ourselves too. We often lock up our own inner truth behind the iron doors of our souls, and unless we choose to open it up, that inner drama stays inside… We tend to consider hiding our pain or other emotions behind iron doors because it feels more secure than opening up and choosing vulnerability.

We can easily imagine what it is like if a house is burned out: walls stand but inside everything is empty.

What happens behind the invisible irondoor in your soul? The main function of the irondoor is to protect us from danger. But how can we prevent it from turning against ourselves by hiding our inner truth for too long?

Don’t we also tend to hide our pains, fears, disappointments behind a safe iron door hoping that we can escape facing them?

The problem is not that the people around us do not see what is behind the walls but that even I forget what was closed behind the irondoor.