Changing your point of view … Or of sense or of audition?

The world around us is mostly audio-visual oriented. We are overwhelmed by the stream of videos, soundtracks, television, radio, internet, giant posters, noises day by day. There are people who consider themselves more visual: they are more likely to learn something if they can visually see it in front of them. When they talk, they use expressions like: “How do you see it? What’s your view on this? Can you imagine…”

Other people are more sensitive to sounds, they might often refer to an inner voice guiding them when it comes to making a decions. They tend to be very sensitive to the tone others use, and they are wired to “hear” what is unsaid behind what’s verbally expressed.

And there are the so-called kinestetic type of people who experience life mostly by their physical senses. They are the ones who remember an event or a place by recalling that they were feeling cold, feeling hot, or that they were hungry or nervous.

The more comfortable is for us the use of these three different channels the more we are able to experience from life, the more colourful and the richer we feel, see and hear the world aruond us.

It is like learning a foregin language: when we hear someone talking mostly using visual / auditive or kinestetic words, we can practice adapting our vocabulary to theirs in order to improve our communication. This, in turn, will result in our ability to get our message through.

Once we have identified our own dominant style, I would like to stress the importance of how and why we should open ourselves to experience the world through other channels. Why is it good for me if I do not only see but also hear the same experience? How does it serve me if I do not only see and hear but I can also sense it? It enrichens me to understand that the same experience can reveal much more than what I would percieve at first glance. This way, my life becomes much more colorful.

So many people are looking for excitements, new explorations, they are ready to go – literally – to the other end of the world in order to find something new. They are inspired and re-charged by these ever-changing experiences. There is nothing wrong with searching for something new. The difficulty lies in the moment when this system stops working: they get less energy, less happyness, and it only gives a temporary relief – for a shorter period each time.