About me

As a child I wanted to become an actress, a writer, a teacher, a psychologist and a historian. As an adult I have become a lawyer later on a kinesiologist, NLP coach and a full-time professional stress-releaser.

How I have become a kinesiologist out of a lawyer? If you take a closer look, it is not such a big change: as lawyer, I specialized in energy law. As a kinesiologist, I still work with energies, however, not with sources of energy that hide deep under the surface of the Earth, but with creative life energy that stimulates a human.

As a lawyer I worked in very exciting intellectual fields: international law firm, EU institution, advisory firm, acadmia. I learned how to think and write systematically, catch the essence in a complex situation, dig myself into various issues and to work efficiently. But working just drawned my energy, it didn’t recharge me and it didn’t bring me real joy.

Nevertheless, I have always known what real joy means. How? I remembered of it. I have been writing and acting since my early childhood and although throuhout the lawyer-years acting disappeared and my pen got dried out, these experiences ensured that I knew exactly what it feels like being in my element.

Driven by the constant quest for this joy, I kept on changing jobs several times always hoping that the next one might be the right one. With time, however, it has become crystal clear that there is an unbridgable gap between my profession and the flow I have been searching. As a result of the increasing stress I also experienced the symptomes of burnout: tiredness, anxiety, insomnia. But I saw so many people around me living with the same difficulties, for a long time, I took it as some kind of an “occupational hazard” that necessarily goes with my work.

I have discovered kinesiology thank to a physical problem: my right shoulder dislocated regulary for years and since I didn’t want a surgery, I was searching for alternative solutions. This is how I had my first kinesiology session, after which my shoulder stopped “popping out”. As a result, I realized how important the contact between human body and soul is and I decided I to learn more about this powerful method.

During my new studies I have had plenty of breakthroughs concerning my life, and I experienced being charged again both physically and emotionally. As a result of all this I took the decision to change my career and I started my own kinesiology practice.

As years passed by, I acquired more and more methods that may help us releasing our fears and access our skills and make full use of our capacities in order to realize all that we are called to do. Beside several branches of kinesiology I am working with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), PPT (Picture Tapping Technique) and NLP (Neuro Linquistique Programming).