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Are you feeling annoyed that you are still not there where you would like to be?

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Are you worried that perhaps behind your lower energy there might be a serious disease?

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Are you tired of always just giving of yourself and you never taking time to recharge the batteries?

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Are you fed up with waking up feeling tired – no matter how much you slept?

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How can I help you?

Be on fire! Don’t burn out!

Is it possible to create and maintain the dynamism and passion that keep us going in our professional lives? How can we do our best and recharge the batteries in the meanwhile? Is it possible to conciously access our creativity? And is it possible to achive all this without burning out?

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Expat coaching

Seeing the world is nice. Living abroad is an exciting, enrichening experience. In the meantime there are some unawaited challenges that may surprise us. Not simply because you don’t speak the language, or because you might miss some savours of home. Being an expat and and moving often can also mean that you will only know your (new) place on the surface, looking at it from a “expat bubble”. If the family is moving the challenge is taken to a new level: would everyone find his/her place in the new country or would some member(s) of the family live their lives feeling like they are in some kind of a transition phase while away from home? Where to turn if you feel lost and insecure?

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Boost your creativity

Do you also have to make efforts trying to be as creative as expected during the compulsory 10 minutes brainstrorming in the office? Has it ever happened to you that you found the answer for a question when thinking about something else?

Have you ever thought that you are not a creative type and you would never be one? Did you know that it is possible to activate your creativity in an easy way?

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Read my story

As a child, I wanted to become an actress, then writer, teacher, psychologist and historian. As an adult, I have become a lawyer, later on a kinesiologist, NLP coach and a professional stress-releaser.

How could a lawyer become a coach and kinesiologist? If you take a closer look, it is not such a big change: as lawyer, I specialized in energy law. As a kinesiologyst, I still work with energies, however, not with sources of energy that hide deep under the surface of the Earth, but with creative life energy.

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Why to work with me?

New generational change managment

Kinesiology, NLP, coaching in one. Simultaneously working on the mental, emotional and physical level.

10 years of international experience

Expat clients from more than 20 countries

Extraordinary effectivness, evident results

thanks to the new generation methods.

Personal and company consultations and trainings

Transformations generated on both corporate and on individual levels can have a harmonizing effect between these levels thus helping to resolve ongoing issues.

Interested in trainings?

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My clients

  • “It all started trying to find a solution for the stress that influenced my mood and spirit, but also my health. We made serious progress with Ágnes as I feel more relaxed and got some great tools to manager my stress.

    Pascal S.
  • I was struggling with not feeling stable and not knowing who I am, where I go and what I want. I lacked the ability of building a solid relationship, and I had difficulties becoming independent from my family.

    Alessandro Giunti
  • I was in a very negative mood, depressive and unhappy, longing for a baby. I could not live daily happiness only stress, un-satisfaction, and impatience to become pregnant.

  • “It was an eye opener to feel that my body reacts to certain questions asked about feelings and emotions. It was clear to me that something was blocking me, and that I was very frustrated at the beginning. I really wanted to clear my thoughts, my mind and relieve myself of this heavy feeling I had.

    Marieke de G.
  • Ágnes sailed into my life at a moment where the sea was stormy and my ship was thrown about by the high waves that the wind was blowing up.

    Kathi Bouchaar


Changing your point of view … Or of sense or of audition?

Changing your point of view … Or of sense or of audition?

The world around us is mostly audio-visual oriented. We are overwhelmed by the stream of videos, soundtracks, television, radio, internet, giant posters,...

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Fire in the garage

Fire in the garage

As I was coming home one day and I opened the garage door I got lurched by some thick smoke coming from...

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Silver ring or the imprint of my life

Silver ring or the imprint of my life

My friend Luca arrived with a bright smile on her face. The teahouse where we usually meet is warm and friendly as...

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